Being alone with Allah is better than being crowded by people who have forgotten Allah;)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

wahh!aku jatuh cinta;)


well,you see the title above rite,?yess!i am in love with tulisan jawi.mybe its sound like 'bajet gler' or weird but that's true.At first,aku just mcm mau gedik2 nk tulis jawi,But then,its like absorbing in my hand,aku mcm xhabes2 nak tulis nme dlm jawi.korang boleh tny si aliana tu.when i was looking back that tulisan jawi,i felt like words can describe it.Cume rse mcm pelik.sangat pelik. tak pelik ape pon,aku rse mcm nk blja kat Al-Azhar.Sume mst dlm tulisan jawi kat sne.At the same time,I've got a new dream of my future husband.(Wahh!maryam,ny lawak!)

-Aku nak future husband aku pandai cakap bahasa arab(pandai tulis jawi skl)
-next,mahasiswa Al-Azhar

Move on to the next thing,aku gtau my mom about that dream of my future husband.mak aku hanya mendiamkam diri seolah-olah rse aku ny mcm da buang tebiat.(aku agak2 je melalui expression muke dye).kata-kata terakhir aku kat mak aku

"ma,klu anak kwn mama ade ciri2 lelaki mayam nak,jgn lupe introduce kat mayam."hahaha.lebih kurang gitu la.

Monday, February 7, 2011

best night ever!

salam.well's topic is J.J(jusco).senang kte,aku naek bosan xlarat dah nak g sne.enough with the holiday!since it is the nearest and easiest to go,so,i decided to spend most of my holiday going to j.j.bukan ape sbenye,aku ske tempat permainan dye!haha

this picture shows me and izzatul akmal a.k.a atul when we were young teen back to those days.g j.j pd waktu pagi,malu nak menunjukkan perangai pelik.

once upon a time,there were two girls went to j.j during the night and balek xingt dunie smp almost 11p.m.Luckily,her father,inilah aktiviti kami.segala perangai dpt ditonjolkan pd mlm tersebut.

Then,i put on the 'estee lauder tester' makeup on her face.She's okayy with that!(mule2 mcm segan kn tp..)Aku pun kene jugak.she's put some eyeshadow on my eyes as a revenge(i think).silela lihat di bawah

tyra banks quotes:natural is the best way for woman but you need make up to look natural(lebih kurang gitu lahh!)

atul was wandering searching for the baju.But then,she grabbed one dress to try.Since there were two design,i picked the other one.And,menggediklahh dalam fitting room tu!

lastly,this was our 'covergirl picture'.haha

sorry atul for choosing this one b'coz the one that should be the covergirl picture was 'over gler'la.(both)

The end of the night,we were laughing when we flashback then,watever it was,we were happy and gedik habes balek tu.chow dulu.thx for everything,atul.

:next time kalau free nanti,aku upload covergirl each of us.haha.ny hnyelah bajet semata-mata.
goodbye blog;)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


salam.hey everyone.
so,you see the picture of them above,rite?
well,the red marked sign is fahana.YOU SHOULD'VE KNOWN HER!she's rock
she is leaving me soon. T_T
i made this for her,

You become my friend,oh Fahana,
I know there's something special about you,
you are kind,oh Fahana,
forever i always love you.

i know it is such a sweet goodbye kann?(perasan gler je!)
but, are one of my best buddy.lastly,I want ur leg!!!she is an,can you share ur leg with me?
Anyway,goodluck.InsyaAllah,you will be doing great there!

selamat pergi dan berjaya ya,kawan!MMMMUUUUAAAAHHHHXXXXXX
ikhlas:maryam atiqah